Discount Quality Riker Mounts

All discount displays feature flawed butterflies in hangable Riker mounts which are white cotton filled chipboard frames with a glass top. The butterflies in these displays have issues such as scratches, nicks, tears, discolorations etc. However, the glass very much hides some of these issues. Most butterflies you won't even notice any issues and with others they will be so minor you won't care. Some displays have butterflies in better condition than others. Note that in person some imperfections will be a little more visible than in these online photos, however we have a full return policy (which is virtually never used) so you can expect to be happy with your purchase!

Unless noted otherwise, the multiple butterfly riker mounts pictured are the exact displays you will receive and will be removed from this page once purchased. They can be easily opened to remove, replace, or rearrange the butterflies. These displays are ideal for children (great for show & tell) or for someone who is interested in starting a butterfly collection. All of our riker mounts have a sawtooth hanger attached to the back.  All multiple butterfly Riker displays are 8x12 unless noted otherwise.

We regularly add new displays so check back often (we usually add about 20 or so mounts at a time, roughly every 2-3 months, so if the page is a bit empty that probably means we'll be adding more soon). Digital photographers in need of butterflies might do fine with "damaged butterflies", as many of the imperfections can easily be removed digitally.