Spread Unframed Butterflies

custom butterfly riker mount

Minimum order $90. Please call us to order. No returns allowed.

This product allows you to choose butterflies for a custom riker mount. Riker mounts are simple frames, designed to be opened up, allowing you to easily extract the butterflies for other purposes. These will not be framed aesthetically, we will put as many butterflies as possible into one (or more) riker mount which is necessary to protect the butterflies during shipping. So don't order this product if you don't have another purpose for the butterflies.

The discount quality riker mounts (under the riker mounts tab above) which feature damaged specimens can also be easily opened, at a lower per butterfly cost (especially the frames with multiple butterflies.) If you only need a few butterflies then simply order the individual butterflies in riker mounts.

Choosing the butterflies -  To determine which butterflies are small, medium or large, please visit the butterfly species list page

Pricing - Small Butterflies - $16 each, Medium Butterflies - $19 each, Large Butterflies - $24 each. 

Expensive butterflies - Some butterflies (mostly the large ones) are more expensive and cost an extra $4 - $15.  We will let you know when you order.

V-Shape Butterflies - Some customers request V-shape butterflies, meaning the wings are partially closed. This is possible, however it is not easy to ship them that way. (Remember, the underside of the wings will look different than the upperside). We can provide instructions detailing how to partially close the wings as it is not difficult to do so. However, the butterflies must not be reinforced with glue. Since we always reinforce our butterflies after they are spread and dried, it will be necessary to custom spread all butterflies for V-shape orders. Since the quality of butterflies can vary, we will have to spread several of each species to insure at least one is a quality specimen.  There will be an additional fee of $3 per butterfly. If you're ordering 4 or more of a species the cost will drop to $2 per butterfly. For example, if you order 6 species A ($2 extra per butterfly), 2 species B ($3 extra per butterfly).

Antenna & Legs - If you want the butterflies to have antenna & legs an additional fee of $4 per butterfly will apply as we will have to custom spread the butterflies for your order. If you want antenna AND non-reinforced specimens there will be no additional fee, meaning it will still be $4. 

Quantity Discount - Order $250 or more and receive 10% off. Order $500 or more and receive 15% off. $1000 or more and receive 20% off. In addition, if you need a large number of a single species we can possibly lower the price a little more.

Discounted Damaged Butterflies - Some butterflies might be available with minor defects such as minor scratches or stains. If you call in your order we can discuss the discount that would apply.


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