The Flying Handkerchief - 8x7 - 3D Acrylic Frame

  • $ 109

The Flying Handkerchief (Papilio dardanus)

  • Wingspan: 3.5 - 4.25 inches
  • Origin: Africa

The Flying Handkerchief, also known as the Mocker Swallowtail, is nothing to sneeze at! Described by British entomologist E. B. Poulton to be "the most interesting butterfly in the world", their name comes from their flight pattern, which resembles a "shaking handkerchief". The female of the species are masters of disguise, but all of our Flying Handkerchiefs are male to ensure a consistent product. These swallowtails have an absolutely beautiful vintage look to them, courtesy of their aged-creamy color and brown-black markings.