papilio blumei

Majestic Green Swallowtail - 3D Tabletop Display

  • $ 59

Majestic Green Swallowtail (Papilio blumei)

  • Wingspan: 3.5 - 4 inches
  • Origin: Indonesia

Another favorite among collectors, the Majestic Green Swallowtail (sometimes the Peacock Swallowtail or Green Swallowtail) has an amazing iridescent green "dust" all over its wings, creating a fantastic speckled look. Its tails are also amazing, featuring a lustrous ombre effect from lagoon blue to electric green. The Majestic Green Swallowtail is a real stunner, but it absolutely glows under bright light!

Note: These specimens are slightly smaller than the others that we offer ( so that they fit into the frame), but they're still just as fantastic!