Doxocopa Cherubina Butterfly

Sparkling Cherub - 3D Tabletop Display

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Sparkling Cherub
(Doxocopa cherubina)
Wingspan: 2 1/2 - 2 3/4 inches
The Sparkling Cherub (Doxocopa cherubina) is an amazing little butterfly. If it was the size of a big Blue Morpho it would likely be one of the most popular butterflies in the world. What's so special about this butterfly? When we purchased it we knew it had a cool aqua green vertical strip on its wings. But we didn't know it was extremely iridescent AND that it has an even more iridescent strip of an unbelievable blue surrounding each side of the aqua green. Here's what's really unique about the butterfly though which makes it very difficult to capture in a photo. This iridescence is only visible if you look down on its wings. If you hold the butterfly parallel to the ground and slowly turn the head up until it's perpendicular the iridescence gradually increases until it's perpendicular. Once it's perpendicular and there's light shining down on it the brightness and combo of blue and green is incredible, the colors virtually jump off the butterfly.

It creates kind of a 3 dimensional color prism, it's really like nothing we've ever seen before. Once you see this one in person you will be mesmorized. If you turn the butterfly the other way the amazing blue iridescent strip completely disappears along with the iridescent green. Then all you see is the aqua green strip with no shiny brightness that jumps off the butterfly (see picture below, it's the same exact butterfly as above). Its underside is pretty cool too with a nice chrome-like gold coloring and dark gold pattern at the top. We can't recommend this butterfly enough.
Origin: South America.