Blue Helena Butterfly Best Quality

Discount Quality - Morpho Rhetenor Helena - 8x6 Riker Mount

  • $ 79

Morpho rhetenor helena
Wingspan: 4 3/4 - 5 1/2 inches
Discount Quality: We only purchase "top quality" specimens, however these specimens that we received have minor issues that make them less than top quality. Issues such as fine scratches or tears (no chunks missing) that are only noticeable at a very close range (about a foot or so away). Stunning color and iridescence, this is a great way to get a helena for a lot less. The iridescence makes the flaws very difficult to see. These are definitely worthy of gift giving. Of course we have a full return policy if you're disappointed, but you won't be! Note that top quality specimens aren't 100% flawless, there's no such thing. Any flaws on top quality specimens are so minor that they are deemed insignificant.
Origin: S. America