Morpho Menelaus Butterfly

Morpho Menelaus - 8x6 Riker Mount

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Morpho menelaus menelaus
Wingspan: 4 - 4 1/4 inches
The Morpho menelaus is one of the most commonly displayed butterflies in the world. Its wings are often used in jewelry and art displays. Like the blue Morpho didius, its blue coloring can vary quite a bit although its upper wings aren't as elongated as the didius. There are 2 notable differences though between the menelaus & the didius though. The menelaus is a bit smaller than the average didius. However, the average menelaus is a little bit more iridescent and metallic than the average didius.  The menelaus is featured prominently in many of our larger butterfly displays such as the Blue Morpho Sky.
Origin: S. America