Sparkling Cherub - 5x4 Riker Mount

  • $ 32

Sparkling Cherub (Doxocopa cherubina)

  • Wingspan: 2 1/2 - 2 3/4 inches
  • Origin: South America

The Sparkling Cherub (Turquoise Emperor or Cherubina Emperor) is an absolutely amazing little butterfly! Despite its size, the colors on its wings pack a huge punch. The aqua green stripes on either side are extremely iridescent and are gorgeous on their own. But here's the interesting part! Depending on the angle you view the butterfly from, you can get flashes of neon blue to ultramarine blue! If you hold the butterfly parallel to the ground and slowly turn the head up until it's perpendicular, the iridescence gradually increases. Once it's perpendicular and there's a light shining down on it, the brightness and combo of blue and green are incredible. The colors virtually jump off the butterfly, almost like a 3-D color prism! Its underside is pretty cool too with a nice chrome-like gold coloring and dark gold pattern at the top. We can't recommend this butterfly enough; once you see this one in person you will be mesmerized!