white witch moth

White Witch Moth - 12x8 Riker Mount

  • $ 94

White Witch Moth (Thysania agrippina)

  • Wingspan 7.5 - 8.5 inches
  • Origin: Central America

The White Witch Moth (Ghost Moth, Great Owlet Moth, or Great Grey Witch) is the largest moth in the world in terms of recorded wingspan. With a gorgeous pattern and beautiful shape, the White Witch Moth varies from an aged/tea-stained paper color (see below) to an antique grey. The underside is also incredible, featuring an iridescent indigo to purple color that covers the majority of the wings. Its almost like having night and day in a single moth! It's almost witchcraft with how magical the White Witch Moth is!

The White Witch Moth is a personal favorite of Butterfly Utopia's artist's assistant, Mary!

Note: Wingspan sizes may vary! The wingspan listed above is the range for the specimens currently in stock. Pictured in the acrylic frame is a specimen that is 8 3/8".  It is possible that we could provide you with both the grayish and goldish variety. Simply order two and make a note requesting this!