Large Custom Acrylic Frames

  • $ 2,000

Price would start around $2000 but could be much higher.

There are two basic options for large acrylic displays.  The largest case size we normally stock is 18x28 inches.  It is possible to combine multiple cases together to form one giant piece.  These usually cost around $500 per case.  For large custom pieces we always send photos of the butterflies laid out for your approval and design tweaking.  We will send as many photos as needed to insure that you are 100% happy with the design.  

The second option is to have a single custom case built (or a few large ones).  These would be picked up by a somewhat local supplier (about 3 hours roundtrip) so the size is limited by what can fit in our car, unless we rent a truck which adds additional fees. If a truck is rented this could be as large as about 5x6 feet.  If not then maybe around 3.5 x 5 feet or so.  These cases require special shipping and handling that usually costs around $1200.  Whereas a bunch of 18x28 cases can be shipped via UPS ground for much less.  It is possible to pick up either option from our Apex, NC office if you are close by.  The 18x28 cases also are easier to move in the future and if something were to happen to one case it could be easier and less costly to replace while the single large case cannot.  The single large cases also likely require some bottom support when hung on the wall.