Callicore Cynosura Butterfly

Crimson Callicore - 3D Tabletop Display

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Crimson Callicore (Callicore cynosura)
Wingspan: 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 inches
The Callicore family is a very colorful family of butterflies, with great upperside & underside patterns. The upperside of the Callicore cynosura features an awesome red pattern with a touch of orange at the top of the wings. The red is extremely bright, you will not find a nicer, brighter red on any other butterfly in the world. The underside has a very nice pattern and great orange color. If you look very closely under bright light you'll notice that the upperside black coloring is not black but rather a very very dark iridescent purple! The Crimson Callicore is one of our personal favorites, highly recommended.
Origin: South America.