Goliath samson Pair - 10x13 - 3D Acrylic Frame

  • $ 239

Stunning male (bottom) and female (top) Goliath samson birdwings. The males are extremely bright gold/green and yellow and have a wingspan of 5 to 5 1/2 inches. Due to their shape they're actually a lot larger in terms of wing surface than other birdwings with the same wingspan, they truly live up to their goliath name. In fact, other than the female, they are probably the largest butterfly on the site (very close to the big Blue Morpho didius). They are very iridescent and possibly the most "fake" looking butterfly we carry, it's hard to believe they're real but they are! A lot of variety too, each one looks a little different. They can vary from green/gold to gold and can look more gold or green depending on lighting and angle. Their lower 2 yellow wings are actually slightly transparent.

The females are gigantic (6.5 - 7.5 inch wingspan!) and easily one of the most colorful and attractive of all the different female birdwings, which are usually quite dull. Lately the female specimens we receive have less white on the upper wings than pictured in the second photo. The undersides of both the male and female are beautiful as well. This display is of limited availability.