Green Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon Teucrus Butterfly

The Green Birdwing - 10x10 - 3D Acrylic Frame

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The Green Birdwing (Ornithoptera Priamus poseidon / teucrus)

  • Wingspan: 5 inches
  • Origin: Papua New Guinea

The Green Birdwing (Cape York Birdwing, Common Green Birdwing, Priam's Birdwing, or Northern Birdwing) is a stunning showstopper with its electrifying green color! Its abdomen is a lovely banana yellow, which is also much larger than most butterflies.

Note: There are many Priamus subspecies that have very minor differences from the poseidon; occasionally, we may use a different subspecies like Priamus teucrus. It looks the same as the poseidon, except it has 2 small yellow dots on top of its hindwings.