Even more written feedback from our happy customers, collected over 15 years of making custom butterfly art. Submit your feedback by emailing us!

          "Haven't had a chance to write. This is magnificent.  I could not be more pleased.  Cannot believe how much work went into simply packing it.  It arrived in perfect condition.Do you have diagram or chart that lists the names/species of the various butterflied? Again -- Thanks so much."

- Carol B


“Yesterday I received the three moths/butterflies I ordered. They're beautiful and made a wonderful arrangement. So far no problems and thank you for the prompt service. Shalom”

- Anthony H


“I just wanted to thank you for your Services. I recently purchased Mount B22 and I am very happy with the product I received. I will pass around your cards! Thanks again. My purchase is for a Young lady with Cerebral palsy and she will be very happy, thank you. Hope your holiday season Is a Happy one.”

- Brian


“Everyone loved their b'flies. Thank you for all the help!”

- Donovan K


“Just got them. Looks great! Thanks for getting it to me before Valentine's Day.”

- Dan K


“Paul, Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job on this order. Candi received it and is thrilled, as am I. Thank You,”

- Deb S


“I received the Morpho didius butterfly today, and could not be more satisfied. Appreciate your prompt service and the quality of the butterfly very much. Many thanks,”

- Ann E


“Thank you very much, it arrived today and is wonderful.”

- Matthew W


“The butterflies arrived safely today...and they are beautiful!... We'll wait to mount them until we are sure we won't have contractors going up and down the stairwell where they will hang. We will eventually send you some photos. Excellent packing job too. Thanks so much!!! Regards,”

- Kristy F


“Received my order at 1:00pm today. Very impressive. Thank you for your fast service. Good job.”

- Neil R


“I received my order last Thursday and I am very pleased with your workmanship...Thanks for the nice work and fast service.”

- Larry L


“Wanted to send a quick note to say thank you very much for completing the luna month and getting it to me as expected -- before xmas. :) the case, the mounting, and the moth look incredible. thanks again…”

- Brent S


“Hi guys. My order arrived in good condition....The butterflies are beautiful. Got to have more! Be talking to you. Many thanks. Regards,”

- John C


“Thank-you very much. The butterflies are very beautiful. Me and my petunia are very happy with our new wall bugs. thanks”

- Timothy M


“My mother received the butterflies and LOVED them!!!”

- Wendy R


“I wanted to let you know I got the butterfly. It is beautiful!!! I know my friend will love it. Thanks again,”

- Marcus P


“Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Thanks for your artistry, Paul! They'll love them.”

- Yvette V


“I have received both butterflies - they are perfect! Thanks!”

- Zachariah


“The new one just arrived and it looks AWESOME”

- Brent S



- Regina T


“Hello Paul, I cannot tell you how much my wife enjoyed the mini paradise display. It really was quite impressive.”

- Dean D


“Wonderful... and worth the wait !!!...Dear Paul, I am very pleased with my order.. Some things are worth the wait...and you did such a beautiful job with the long tailed beauty I bought closed. You have won yourself over a high maintenance customer. They all grace with walls of my study in between my numerous photographs I have enlarged and taken on vacations... So the blend looks awesome. keeping the room interesting to a visitor. with still more room left in between I will fill in more when I get the chance to select...Fill the order on the lovely large moth you emailed a photos... give me a heads up on any impressive striking beauties your business is proud of too. Many ... Many Thanks, Happiness....Ps: the riker mounts I like !!! the clips you place on the back were great too..”

- Marcella M


“Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I received my two beautiful butterflies today. They arrived in great condition and were very well packed...Thanks so much, I love them !!!!”

- Lois R


“I was very pleased with the product. The cases and specimens were more than I expected. Thank you.”

- Ian R


“Got the Morpho today - it's AWESOME!...can't decide where to put it - will wait til I get the others...great job,”

- Kevin H


“Thank you so much!! I just put in my order for Christmas. You guys are so great! Shopping for my mother has never been so easy! Thank you again.”

- Stacy G


“Hi. I want to get my mom another butterfly display. I got her one for Christmas and she absolutely loved it (thanks to all of your previous help, it was so beautiful!). She said she wants the Cymothoe Sangaris this time. I wanted to get her the display with 3 butterflies again.”

- Devin S


“Just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful butterflies ... my pops loved em.. thanks so much…”

- Brian


“Thank you so much! It's truly beautiful and i believe definitely something they will remember always. Have a good weekend.”

- Chrai


“Hi Paul. Finally getting a chance to drop you a line. I want to start by saying Thank you. I Love the butterfly display. It is a beautiful addition to my collection...I can assure you that i will be inquiring again. I just have to find the right shape case to display them in. Thanks again for all of your hard work and patience.”

- Bill W


“Received the butterfly in plexiglass today. It is beautiful.... Thank you for packing so safely.”

- Barb


“It arrived today and I love it! I appreciate your suggestions and kindness for this purchase. I'll be referring business to you.”

- Karen C


“I got the butterfly yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much.”

- Vicky S


“Thanks for all your help. The butterfly display looks great. I did receive it on Monday, good timing! thanks again,”

- John


“I received the butterflies yesterday. They look beautiful, thank you. I will give them to my friend on Thursday. Thanks for making this happen for me, in time.”

- Daniel


“Nothing could be more beautiful. My son is in the navy and he chose and had them sent. I will try to buy myself more. Thank you.”

- Nancy S


“The moth arrived yesterday and it is really beautiful. Thanks so much…”

- Richard M


“What a beautiful moth ! It arrived safely.....and sets on my dining room table for all to admire . Thanks so much”

- Jill G


“Paul, The wall hanging arrived today, it is beautiful and very unique. Thank you, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. - Pat B. Paul, Pat showed this to me as well. Maybe you should consider doing more custom work! It turned out beautifully. Thank you so much for making this all come together.”

- Betty M


“The display arrived Friday in tact and I love it! You did a beautiful job. Thanks!”

- Joan B


“The UPS delivery man just left--I've unpacked the butterflies---They arrived in perfect condition and they are beautiful---Thank you for the care you took with their delivery.”

- Katie S


“My order arrived in good shape. they are gorgeous! thanks for such a great job.”

- Larry


“We received the display today. It is beautiful! You did a terrific job!”

- Jay F


“Got the butterfly yesterday. It looks great! Thanks!”

- Lisa B


“I have been meaning to tell you how delighted I am with the Atlas Moth you sent me a couple of weeks ago. It is truly gorgeous!”

- James K


“I received it and it's absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much. It was worth the wait!”

- Matt D


“The display is beautiful. I know my friend will love it. Thank you! Happy holidays.”

- Chris S


“Just got the butterflies and they look GREAT. Thank you very much.”

- Bill M


“I received all of them today - they are soooooooo beautiful - thank you! You did a great job!”

- Corinne C


“Just wanted to let you know the package showed up today, I am much pleased, and look forward to future purchases. Thank you,”

- Maury C


“I just wanted to let you know that we received the Butterfly art and my wife absolutely LOVES them. Great Job. Thanks for everything.”

- Pete M


“Paul, It just AWESOME! Thank you.”

- Carlos A


“They look great! Thanks so much…”

- Avery A


“Just wanted to thank you for your help. The butterfly was perfect!! I arrived at 9 a.m., well before the photographer.”

- Pam F


“Received it in good shape today, and my wife loves it. Thanks.”

- Scott M


“Hi Paul, Just thought I'd let you know the Hercules Moth display arrived today, VERY NICE! I had forgotten how big they are. Thanks!”

- Amy C


“Paul: I received both butterflies today and they are beautiful. Nice doing business with you.”

- Joseph K


“I have purchased from you in the past and have been very happy with your products.”

- Rachel C


“Thank you kindly for the order, I appreciate it. And by the way, you have done a great job on the display, thanks again…”

- Monty G


“Received it and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!”

- Tak H


“Butterflies were wonderful- thank you!!!”

- Marcey C


“The service was incredible. The very next day my daughter's butterflies were at our door. Beautiful all of them, no doubts.”

- Tania S


“It looks great! Thank you so much!”

- Naomi C


“By the way, the moth display, which I just received, is spectacular. What a work of art! Thank you.”

- Larry S


“I just want to let you guys know that I ordered a Blue Morpho didius from the bargain area. I called on the phone because I thought I needed to expedite the shipping. The gentlemen I spoke with was very honest and told me that with regular UPS I should be able to get it next day. He was dead right! Not only did my girlfriend get this butterfly the next day, she LOVES it. I really appreciate the job he did. I am just sorry I didn't get his name. Thanks Guys.”

- Wayne C


“My order of three butterflies arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I am particularly amazed at the depth of color of the Papilio Ulysses. I've had it before from another source but this one tops it. Thanks again,”

- John S


“Thank you so much I have received the butterflies and they were beautiful. Thanks!”

- Trina G


“Thanks for the beautiful product and the prompt service.”

- Ed S


“Thx so much Paul - I always appreciate the attention to detail in customer service you provide. I know she'll love it - she loved the large one you did a couple of years back…”

- Howard L


“I received the shipment of 2 acrylic boxed butterflies on Monday in perfect condition. They are beautiful.”

- John S


“I received it before reading my mail! I love it! Will be ordering more soon. Thanks…”

- Heather W


“Hi: I bought my mom a butterfly display that had all blue butterflies and she loved it.”

- Nicole A


“I got my package today! I really like it. Thanks for all your help and I'm sure I will ordering more from you in the future.”

- Pam D


“Thanks, The mount arrived today and looks great!”

- Jeremy U


“Received the package yesterday and wanted to let you know that my Wife loved it...great job and thanks”

- John G


“Received it and it is great. Well worth the wait. Thanks,”

- Sunil M


“Just wanted to say thanks for the butterflies- they look great. Best wishes,”

- Linda A


“I received the package on the 20th. Thank you! They're beautiful. Happy Holidays,”

- Erin C


“Just got here, is beautiful thank you!!!”

- Jose N


“I received the awesome display today. Thanks.”

- Chite L


“I absolutely LOVE the one butterfly I was able to purchase from you. Unfortunately, I am not able to purchase any more at this time. Do you have a wishlist that I could put what I want onto, to purchase at a later date? Thank you for your time.”

- Kate B


“Hi, I received the butterfly that I ordered and love it. It is called a radiant swallowtail…”

- Paula F


“They are here and they look great thanks”

- Lee K


  "To Butterfly Utopia,
  I am thrilled with the beautiful Luna moth box I just received! Thank you for picking out a gorgeous moth and your excellent craftsmanship."

- Betsy K