More written feedback from our happy customers, collected over 15 years of making custom butterfly art. Submit your feedback by emailing us!


“Dear Paul, It arrived. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!! Can't thank you enough.”

- Zacharias R


“Thank you, Paul, for the prompt delivery. The package arrived safe and sound. The Elegance is a gift. I'm keeping the Morpho Helena. I'm very pleased with both. They're awesome. Keep up the fine work,”

- Leo B


“Just wanted to say thank you for the cases! They look absolutely beautiful. Sometime in the next few weeks I will be placing another order-if it's not anything on the site- I will be sure to contact you for another custom case. Now I need something for the other side of the wall. :) But they look beautiful, I will forward a picture once my husband gets them up and a museum light for the case. Talk soon,”

- Thea S


“Thank you for the beautiful butterfly display. I ordered the Popular, when I opened the box it took my breath away. I had my order delivered to my work and people I work with were showing the display to customers because they thought it was so beautiful. You were telling the truth when you said the pictures do not do them justice. I really liked the clear case too, there's nothing to take away from the butterflies. I can't wait to see what you'll do with the new big cases.”

- Nova


“I wanted to thank you very much for the most beautiful gift of the Morf butterfly my niece is in 7th heaven and I just wanted to let you know that you are great!!!!”

- Janeen H


“My specimens came today, and they are absolutely outstanding...I've seen many butterflies or moths showcased in acrylic, but your job is, by far, the most professional that I've ever seen in my life. You've taken the commonplace out of acrylic frames with the slight curvature and the tiny additions on the back which hold the shadow box erect.”

- Ron L


“Thank you for the Rhinoceros beetle! He is awesome!”

- Paula M


“Paul, just wanted to let you and Butterfly Utopia know that you all do EXCELLENT WORK. My butterflies are beautiful. The arrangement is soooooo pretty. I especially like the way you have them at different levels. I can't stop looking at them. Thanks again.”

- Tina N


“Just to let you know - my product arrived just when I needed it and I was most happy with the quality and artistic layout. Thank you very much for your extra effort during your move. I will be purchasing from you again in the future!”

- Terry P


“I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did with my P. Ulysses. My wife and I presented it as a birthday present to someone who is very dear to us....and she was simply ecstatic about it. You packed it so well, so that even tho' there was a dent on the side of the box, the peanuts and bubble wrap kept it completely safe. Thanks again........you can be sure that any future orders I make will be directed to your consideration....The Morpho R. arrived this morning in good shape. This was a Christmas present for me from my wife, and I am enjoying it so much. It is really deeper blue than the regular morphos. Thank you so much.”

- Clayton B


“Just wanted to thank you for the great job with my order. I'm absolutely smitten with the pearl morphos. Thanks for putting in the extra time to adjust the hangers for my project and offering tips on the lighting. It's going to be amazing. I'll send pics when it's complete. Can't wait to order more! All smiles,”

- Heather H


“Thank you so much for your personal and wonderful customer service. I am so excited with the Doxocopa cherubina that I purchased. It was a gift for my best friend that absolutely loves butterflies. I couldn't even wait until her actual birthday to give it to her! She loves it. Your site is awesome and once again thank you for the personal attention!”

- Katie


“Thank you very much. My girl REALLY loved the nice display you made. I appreciate your attention to detail.”

- Bruce K


“Paul, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you did to get the owl butterfly here on time. Everything went good and she loves it. We are both extremely satisfied with the condition and quality of both butterflies as well as the customer service and the refusal (on your part) to send me an unsatisfactory product. Two thumbs up and we look forward to ordering from you in the future. THANKS”

- Jeremy M


“Thank you for the beautiful swallowtail table top. It was for my dad for father's day, for office or home. I gave him a poem about butterflies and their determination and strength to reach great heights... etc. He loved it. He and my mother marveled at its beauty for a while. I was the butterfly he has raised. Great gift. It was very cool that I found you guys. The bird with the fish picture that was made out of the butterfly wings was loved by my mother in law. She lives by the water and loves it! I just find the butterflies amazing and beautifully made by God. Thank you for hearing my rambling note. Just wanted to say thank you and share my story. God bless!”

- Talley R


“The butterfly display was beautiful and the display case itself was perfect. It was given to a good friend of mine and she love it. I just want to thank you and your crew for the gorgeous display of butterfly as it lights up her face, which in the end was worth it. Thank you.”

- Vu B


“Got the Owl butterfly today. Wow! What amazing art you can find in nature. I look forward to ordering more butterflies from you... Hi Paul! You're the best! We had no expectation that Chris' order would arrive so soon. I knew the Monarch was coming, but, WOW! Thank you very much! It's a Christmas present for his parents and we were a little worried about it arriving in time. You don't disappoint. They're all in perfect shape, and just gorgeous. Thanks again. You'll hear from us in the future.”

- Ashley L


“Your mounts/display look great! I am very pleased with the order. The packing job was A#1. I look forward to ordering from you again. Thanks”

- Patrick C


“Thanks very much!! I've already receive the butterflies (Popular Butterfly Collection) and its really fantastic,they are all perfect & in good condition,I really love it!. You should be proud of the work you do.I really can't wait every time to go home from work just to see them. Thanks very much!!! they're really such a treasure, I'm looking forward to ordering from you again in the future. I attach a picture for you to see my collection together with the Popular Butterflies.Thanks again! Hope you receive my msg.”

- Anabelle P


“Awesome Piece! Arrived in Perfect condition! Will buy more soon! thanks so much!”

- Omar, Puerto Rico


“Thank you very much it arrived today (Friday) and my wife was in tears as she was so pleased with it. Many thanks for all your hard work I can assure you it was worth it and it's brought a little of Canada over here for my wife and it means an awful lot to her. Who knows maybe there will be a few more future orders if its not too much trouble for you, this may have been the start of something........ Many thanks once again”

- Lee P, UK


“The Butterfly cases arrived this morning Friday, Beautifully packed. To Say I was pleased, or even very pleased, would be an understatement. They are absolutely stunning; I am lost for words to tell you how very, very, pleased I am with all your hard work. I am so pleased I left it all to you, and your experience, Both Displays are amazing, the flight display, and the Leaf butterfly Display. To me this is just more proof of a Loving Creator, I fancy you need more faith to believe in Evolution. Paul, Thank you again, for your patience and long suffering with me And my emails. If my wife doesn't absolutely love this on the 19th Jan I will be Surprised. Yours truly Vic (a very very happy customer).....It is the 19th January today Our 30th anniversary. My wife was over the moon with the show cases you made, I actually got it right for a change. So just to say again,thanks, thanks again for all your hard work, it was all worth the time and effort”

- Victor L, UK


“The displays have finally arrived. They look marvelous. Thanks a lot. How long does it take you to deliver more displays?”

- Jörg H, Germany


“Today i have received my butterflies...They are so beautiful... Its really really awesome... It was very nice to handle with you, I am very happy with my order. Hopefully we can do more in the future. Today i will hang it with the other collection.”

- Wes V, Netherlands


“Well, they arrived in excellent shape! Thank you very much for sending such nice butterflies. Really, I can see that you looked out for me. Thank you for the deal! They are all uniquely colored, the Cattop is neat but my favorite would have to be the ATLAS....Wow Wee! Gotta fly...Take Care Paul......It was great communicating with you and good luck in all your future endeavors.”

- Lorie F, Canada


“Hei! The butterfly arrived at it's destination and was loved by the recipient. Your "Orange Julia" helped to make my Julia's Christmas. Tusen Takk!! ("a thousand thank yous" in Norwegian)”

- Elana D, Norway


“I recently ordered the Pearl Morpho set from you and they are beautiful. I wanted to thank you for such a perfect set of butterflies. You can count on my recommendation and further business from me. Thank you once again,”

- Mark C


“I just wanted to let you know that my husband loved the framed butterflies and to thank you for the rapid shipping. It is beautiful and was received in time for me to give it to him on his birthday. Thanks again!!”

- Cindy D


“Thanks for the great piece for our mom's 80th birthday. She was overwhelmed by both the beauty and the presentation. The blue morpho is gorgeous but the green swallowtail is spectacular! We know many other people who love and/or collect butterflies and will direct them you way. Thanks again!”

- Pat R


“I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my order! I received them yesterday via UPS, and they were on my porch waiting for me when I got home. I hung the riker displays up in my living room, they are so beautiful..:) I can't wait to give my mom her Luna moths on Friday! She’s going to love them! Thank you very much!...You are the best! I'm so happy to be getting my three new butterflies! I can't wait to hang them up by my 3 other displays. :) By the way, my mom loved her Luna moth display I gave her for Christmas! Sincerely, A lifetime customer,”

- Steffy K


“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the beautiful pictures (riker mounts). I love them so much! I have loved butterflies all my life and the items I received from you are just lovely! I received them and could not believe that they were mine and that I actually had them. I have been looking at this site for several months. I have been trying to save enough to get these and was so happy to find them exactly what I had hoped they would be. Thank you so much for the lovely items. I can't stop looking at them. Sincerely,”

- Beth D


“I just received my 3 Riker Mounts today & they are even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! Thank you so much! It took less than a week for me to get them & They have totally transformed my living room area! Thank you so much!”

- Wendy J


“Hey guys, I just got my order from you. The Monarchs are beautiful. They will be a gift for our first granddaughter. She will be 18 months come Christmas. Our daughter says she loves butterflies. The squeals of joy when she sees a live one are music to our ears. We live a half state (VA) away so we see them infrequently. The butterflies here in VA are kind of limited also, but still enjoyable.

I ordered from you a couple of years ago and gave those butterflies to our home. Those butterflies were more exotic than the Monarchs but all are great. My daughter is a minimalist and likes to limit what we give our granddaughter. She must think we want to spoil her or something. Go figure.

I would have ordered differently but I also procrastinated it and many of the more popular ones were already gone. I will be more vigilant next time. Your sale had nothing to do with my ordering. I would have ordered anyway, but thanks for the gift of 6% off. Thanks for a wonderful keepsake.”

- Thomas A


“I received the butterflies yesterday. Truly amazing! I got so excited about them, I gave them to my girlfriend early. She was stoked....we definitely plan on ordering another paradise display next year, and put them side to side as suggested on your web site.”

- Nick


“Received our Monarch Butterflies today and they are way beyond our expectations! Could not be more pleased. Thank you!”

- Jeanne M


“Thank You!!!!! I love the variations you substituted & my daughter especially appreciated the butterfly tattoos you included. Thanks for providing such beautiful displays to my family over the last 10 years. Now that we have reached 10 years I may have to get cool individual or doubles until the 20th or 25th.”

- JT


“All 3 displays received in perfect condition - they are just BEAUTIFUL! The craftsmanship on the cases is excellent; you did a terrific job. I especially like the sunset moths - they've got to be the most gorgeous butterfly (moth) in the world. I only have one regret - that none of these winged jewels have 12 inch wingspans!!”

- Christine


“Hi. I wanted to let you know that I received the Horizontal Rainbow I ordered for my mother-in-law for Christmas (as we had discussed by phone a couple of weeks ago), and it's great. I was concerned that it might just be too small to be impressive, but I was wrong -- it's very impressive, and she's going to love it. The picture on the website doesn't do it justice. I got a simple wire plate stand from Pier One, and it looks really good in that, turned either way (horizontal or vertical). By the way, I ship enough stuff to know that, at the cost of packing materials, you're not making any money on shipping! Hope you have a great holiday.”

- Neil S


“Absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Got it a few minutes ago and I am soooo thrilled with it. I know my husband will love it. I will be ordering again around the first of November. I am so glad I found this website. Thank you so much for the beautiful work!.............My husband loved his Christmas present. As I sit at the computer I picture this entire wall covered with your beautiful work. Don't retire anytime soon, ok?...Hi. Got the butterflies today. Beautiful!!!! You must take great pride in your work. It certainly shows. I hope I can hold off giving it until Father's Day.”

- Susan M


“I got my custom case on Friday. It's perfect!!! I love it!...I just wanted to let you know that I did receive it and that I think it's so beautiful and just perfect! Thanks for everything! I'll email you soon for that blue case that I'm wanting too! Thanks again so much! I love it! :)”

- Michelle S


“I just received the butterfly display in the mail yesterday after days of eagerly waiting. It's just beautiful. I really do agree that it looks even better than the pictures on the internet. I'm very pleased and now want another one. What to decide on.....Thank you very much,......I got the picture yesterday and it's just beautiful. You really did a wonderful job. I just love the bright colors. Thanks so much for going out of your way for me. I really appreciate it. Thanks again for a great job,”

- Heidi G


“I just wanted to send you folks a note to tell you that your butterflies are just beautiful. The way they are placed in the cases are simply stunning!! I can VERY happily say that I have several of them in my home! I wish you and yours the Happiest of Holidays and please keep up your beautiful work. Most Sincerely,”

- Kathi R


“My Salamis parhassus arrived safe and sound. You did a beautiful job on the framing. Thanks so much. If I ever need another piece of butterfly art, I know who to contact.”

- Katherine B





“Hi Paul Thank you for your excellent service. The butterflies look great. Really appreciate all your help and assistance. Kind regards”

- Jonathan B


“Hi Paul, A belated thank you for my beautiful butterflies. I have been travelling. I’m really really happy with them. Amazingly they arrived safely and are in pride of place on my bathroom wall. Best”

- Kirsty H


“Hi Paul! I just got it today and it’s Perfect!!!! Thank you so much!”

- Kristine A


“Thank you very much! Excellent species and perfect work! P.S. Thanks to packing so well too.”

- Gagik D


“Hi Paul, My butterfly arrive Saturday and it is lovely! It will work very well. Thanks,”

- Nancy S


“Very pleased with your product and service... Thank you for providing everything I expected and more and expediting my order to arrive in time......”

- Rodney W


“My luna moth came today...it's beautiful! Thank you for all of your help...and Happy Holidays! Best,”

- Stephanie C


“Dear Paul and staff, I just wanted to thank you for the latest shipment of butterflies, the purple and pinks. They are absolutely beautiful and I can't thank you enough. I have already referred your company's name to a few friends. Keep doing what you are doing.”

- PJ L


“It arrived early Friday morning and she absolutely loved it. Thanks for working with me and for helping to make my wedding anniversary extra special.”

- James B


“I just received my order and the butterflies are even more beautiful in person! I can't wait to get it home and in place. Thank you so much.”

- Vallie S


“I received my order yesterday, and the specimens and presentation are quite lovely. I am starting to regret that I have planned to give them away as gifts to my family. I may have to treat myself to the 30 or 40 butterfly Paradise Case depending on post-holiday finances...The display arrived late last week and the combination of specimens looks just great. Thanks for suggesting the Morpho rhetenor, it fits in nicely and makes the collection cohere very well....The display arrived late afternoon yesterday. The birdwings are spectacular. I had not seen them in person before and was not expecting such intense green and yellow colors. The wider case definitely makes an impression. Lovely. Thanks and Happy Holidays.”


The custom 50 butterfly Paradise display I ordered this past summer for my wife’s birthday has been such a hit that I just ordered the new 8 Birdwing display on your website via PayPal...Many thanks in advance for what I am sure will be another wonderful display.”


“The butterflies arrived today and the display is indeed spectacular. We have been admiring it all evening. The specimens are beautifully selected, prepared, and mounted. Many thanks for a wonderful work of art.”

- David D


“My recent order fulfilled my expectations! The Blue Morpho is beautiful and my wife loves it.”

- Patrick C


“Paul, I got the 8 birdwing frame today and it looked great. I am really looking forward to getting the next 8 birdwing frame so that I can have one of these for myself.”

- Brent B


“Dear butterfly people: My butterfly order has arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased with it. My wife does a "butterfly unit" at the elder day program where she works. This will be a wonderful addition to her program, which she has done a number of times in the past. Seasons greetings to you.”

- Alan


“Dear paul received my butterflies today i am very pleased and wish to thank you the colors were just spot on to was i was looking for. i am pleased i decided on the two butterflies with the hot pink i think there perfect. i know my daughter is looking down from heaven and smiling. Thank you i will be ordering more at a latter date and i will show all my friends. thanks again”

- Leanne C


“Wow! I just received my order and I am absolutely blown away! It’s even more amazing than I imagined. The literature included with the display was also very helpful. The person I've purchased this for is very "craftsy", and I had never imagined the creative possibilities. I'm sure she’s going to enjoy finding her own unique way to display it, maybe even as much as she's going to love the specimens, themselves. Thank you for the incredibly speedy prep and shipping, you can count me as a very satisfied customer. Best regards,”

- Joe H


“Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the butterflies arrived and they are just awesome. Great job on the choices and layout! I like the moth photos and will probably want to work on a similar moth display in the next few weeks. Thanks again for working with me on this, it looks just perfect in my family room,”

- Peggie W


“Hi Paul, Received my order on Friday, the goliath and the troides look great!! Please keep me informed on the progress of the trojana and brookiana displays. Thanx for all your help!”

- Josh B.


“Received the package. It is beautiful. My wife loves her birthday present. Thanks so much for accommodating the rush job.”

- Glenn W


“Oh My goodness!!! I have my order and it is beautiful! thank you very much, I love it!”

- Lynn T


“I wanted to thank you and yours for the exceptional work that arrived this morning. You managed to fly high above any of my expectations (which were high to begin with). So many thanks.”

- Michi S


“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. The Luna Moth you prepared for my Grandmother is beautiful! My Grandfather passed away recently. A Luna Moth appeared outside her home for several days after his funeral. To my Grandmother, this was a sign that everything was going to be ok and that Grandpa was watching over her. When she opened the package and saw the beautiful framed "butterfly" she cried. The gift I was able to give her was not just that of a moth beautifully mounted in an acrylic box. For my Grandma, this is a daily reminder that my Grandfather is still with her. Thank you for helping me to give her this gift.”

- Amy A


“Just to let you know...the Comet Moth arrived this morning...and it is beautiful! Thank you so much.....My son LOVED the Comet Moth.”

- Martha C


The 88 butterfly looks great! Thank you for all of your help! I definitely plan to order from you guys again! Sincerely,”

- Amanda M


“Hi, I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the butterfly shadow box you made for me. I simply love it. I hope your remaining day is filled with lots of peace and laughter. Thanks,”

- Kim B


The Atlas moth came today. It is just wonderful! Thank you SO much. I appreciate the fine work you did.”

- Jean B


“Thank you very much for my customized Popular I and II butterflies. They arrived today in time for Christmas. I can't wait to see my wife's face tomorrow. I want to thank you again for helping me out as much as you did. You went above and beyond what was necessary. I will recommend you to all of my friends in the hope of bringing some more business your way. Thank you again for all of your help and I hope you have a great holiday season.”

- Billy G


“Hello - I got the butterflies and they are PERFECT! thank you so much, you did a really really good job I really like them. Thanks....Anyway - thanks a million, I love them!”

- Deborah M


“I bought a case from you a few months ago in person for my girlfriend and it was the perfect gift. Thank you.”

- Jake L


“Hi Paul, I received my order and I am pleased with the mounting! Thank you very much- I will definitely be placing future orders.”

- Lisa T


“I received the package today. It is just beautiful! Thank you so much for making the most of what was an admittedly scanty selection. Much appreciated.”

- Amy F


“Wow I am so happy! Those butterflies are beautiful! Thank you so much for making them for me. I already hung them on my wall so I can see them every day. You really made my day!! Thanks again,”

- Carol E


“The butterflies you did for us were a great hit! My uncle liked the 11 x 18 case so well, he would like one for my aunt...Having these gifts to give out at Christmas and her birthday gave him a real lift. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

- Candice P


“WOW! The display arrived on Friday the 28th and is magnificent. It is everything I hope for and more! Thank you for your help!”

- James L


“Thank you so much! The butterfly arrived yesterday and it is truly a work of art--beautiful. We have to get one for ourselves now. Thanks again.”

- Cynthia L


“Dear Paul, I received the art and it is spectacular. I am so happy with your work and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Also, two clients mentioned that they wanted to place orders with your company. (I wrote down your email address for them.)...Also, will you please send me a stack of your business cards for my clients. I am so happy with your work, Paul. Thank you for your direction with the individual specimens. They are truly so beautiful. The stylists are now fighting over who gets which butterfly at their station!”

- Mary A


“Paul . . . I have been away all morning, so your package was awaiting my return. Your butterfly mountings are spectacular. I just wanted you to know that they arrived in good order and that I am delighted with them... I will look forward to returning later and hanging one on my wall . . . and deliver the other to friends tomorrow. Regards . . . This won't be my last order. Your workmanship is excellent and your creativity brings a lot to your mountings. I'm glad I found Butterfly Utopia. Thanks....My White Witch arrived and I have to say it was worth the wait. I did not realize it was the underwings that were white . . . and was surprised to find how beautiful the upper wings are, as well. Thank you for another skillful and attractive mounting. UPS beat the box up more than I would have liked, but your well-thought-out packing techniques saved the merchandise. Thanks again for everything. I really appreciate your work.....

Paul . . . I just opened the box . . . #1 . . . GREAT packing job. Outstanding, actually. #2 . . . UPS did not beat the box up. #3 . . . The beetle is in PERFECT shape. And he looks really gooooooood!! Thank you, my friend. I'm pretty happy about this delivery. :-)”

- John B


“Hello, I just purchased a Luna Moth from you for my mother. I can't tell you how happy she is with her new toy. I have not seen it, but she reports that it is mounted beautifully. Thank you,”

- Edna D


“My butterflies just came! They are FABULOUS. You did such a terrific job! I am thrilled. I think you should put these on your web site. Thank you so much for the beautiful ones you did for me! Now I can't wait to get the 11 X 17 one.”

- Terry J


“Just received the item....and it is BEAUTIFUL! Will definitely be buying from you again.”

- Eric S


“Dear Paul, Our recent order exceeded our expectations--absolutely beautiful! Thank you.”

- Meggin A


“I got the Morpho godarti I ordered about a week ago, and it is amazing!! My wife will love it for Christmas! You will be getting my business in the future.”

- EP H


“We received the Pipevine Swallowtail and we're absolutely thrilled with your work. Thank you!”

- Lamar B


“Thank you for your fast delivery! It is beautiful. I am sure my grandson will love it. Merry Christmas!”

- Judy M


“I just wanted to let you know that I got my butterflies today and I absolutely love them!!! Thank you so much!!!”

- Paige A


“We recently ordered a couple of your butterflies for my sister & brother-in-law's anniversary. What a wonderful gift! They cannot stop telling us how amazingly beautiful the butterflies turned out. Additionally, the service that we received from your company is deserving of much praise, and we have been encouraging all of our friends to visit your website.”

- Tiffany


“Last week I received my blue pearls butterfly display and it is wonderful! They are so beautiful, more beautiful than I expected. Thank you again!”

- Nancy


“My Rainbow Wall arrived today and it is already installed. It is absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be happier!! Thank you!”

- Mary W


“My best friend gave me one of your five butterfly wall displays! It's so BEAUTIFUL!!!! You did a great job on it! Best Wishes,”

- Marchita E


“I received my butterflies in perfect condition. They are beautiful. I want to thank you for all the hard work you did in getting the butterflies to look just right. My husband was thrilled with them also. Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to complete my order above and beyond what I expected.”

- Jean H


“Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived yesterday, and all I can say is "BEAUTIFUL!". Thank you for promptness, and keeping me informed of progress with my order. I'll be on your website a lot in the future, and will undoubtedly be ordering more from you. Thanks again.”

- Richard


“Hi Paul, I received it Friday and managed to bring it back to my brother. He loves ALL of it. Hopefully, we can have it installed and I can take a picture for you to have a look at his display. Thank you SO much!!! Have a great holiday season!”

- Jolynn P


“Thank you for the beautiful specimen of the moth. It is in excellent condition. My son found one on the stairs of the Ohio State University when he was 4 years old. It stayed on his hand throughout his one hour of speech therapy and then flew out the window. This moth is a birthday present for his 46th birthday in remembrance of that day. Thank you again.”

- Nancy H


“I just wanted to let you know that the butterflies arrived safely today....the display is more beautiful than I imagined it would be. You did a superb job on the display case! Very substantial and yet graceful looking so it blends with our décor. Thanks again, Paul, for the personal attention and care. I know I will be ordering more from you in the future as well as my friends when they see what you can do. Appreciatively,”

- Tony S


“I received the blue morpho yesterday. It's just beautiful. My mom is going to love it! Thanks!”

- Corey


“Paul, Thanks so much for the awesome display! She's going to love it! :D You guys do awesome work!!!”

- Matt Z


“The Butterflies are beautiful and my wife loves them. They were a birthday gift and the timing of delivery was perfect.”

- Dennis P


“Paul, I received the order today and am writing to thank you for a great job. It was well worth the wait and looks very impressive on the wall with the other two I purchased from you. Thanks again,”

- Dave H


“Hi Paul, Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service, and a great product. My friend sent me pictures of the table top display and it's exactly what I wanted, thanks so much!”

- Lisa


“Thank you so much for the beautiful Moth and butterfly..it was well worth the wait. I will be sure to order more in the future.”

- Bea


“The collections are INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Thank you so much for the quality & TIME you put into them!”

- Daniel


“I recently received the 7x6 Rainbow Flight, which I ordered for my husband for Christmas. It is beautiful and I am thrilled!”

- Anna L


“I received your order today. The specimens and display cases look wonderful. It was well worth the wait, and thanks very much!”

- Gabe M


“I just wanted to let you know how beautiful my moth is! And thank you for getting it to me before Christmas!”

- Melyssa O


“Thank you SO much for the beautiful butterflies. They came 9/11 and I so needed them...The butterflies remind me my life is now in transformation to something beautiful. Everyone at work thought they were fantastic, and I gave a few your website because they were very interested...Again, Thank you so much.”

- Karen


“We opened it today and it's awesome. We were very moved, thanks again so much. I can't wait to get another one(when the wife will let me). Thanks again, it will be something I will cherish the rest of my life!!!!!”

- Rick D


“Paul, my butterflies arrived yesterday in perfect condition! They are beautiful---thank you so much for picking just the right ones!”

- Cynthia R


“Received the 3 birdwings today - safe, sound, and intact. They are awesome! Your workmanship is great. Will look forward to doing more business with you in the future (when my finances allow for it). Thanks again,”

Michaela K


“Paul, Received My Package This Past Week & Wanted To Thank You Once Again. The Display Is Remarkably Beautiful & Wife Will Definitely Love It Come X-Mas. It Looks Fantastic & Couldn't Ask For Better , So Thank You Once Again ~ Take Good Care Kind Regards & Thanks,”

- Jason B


“I just received my order and I LOVE the butterflies. Thank you very much for taking the time to get me that awesome Atlas moth. Please put me in your mailing list and let me know whenever you have a new product. Thanks a lot!”

- Tanzila


“I wanted to let you know that both birdwing butterflies arrived yesterday.  They are very beautiful and I know my son will love them!  Thanks again for sending them so quickly.”

- Michael B


“The items were at the post office and I picked them up this morning. Absolutely beautiful, stunningly gorgeous, would highly recommend. Thanks again and Happy Holidays”

- Christopher J


“The moth display arrived safe and sound, and it's beautiful. My wife loves it, and wanted me to tell you that she greatly appreciates the craftsmanship and care you put into assembling the display. The only argument we are having is whether to hang it up right away, or to leave it in her studio so she can begin to make drawings. Again, many thanks. Budget permitting, I hope we can have you prepare additional displays this coming year. Please let me know when more interesting, beautiful moths arrive.”

- Richard G


“Just wanted to Thank You for the butterfly case. It was given as a gift on Monday evening and it held everybody's attention the entire night. I appreciate the suggestions you had towards it and getting it to us in a timely manner...We did get it framed and it turned out beautiful. Thank You”

- Bonnie M


“Yes, it was received and opened today....WOW...absolutely beautiful!!! We can't stop staring at it. Great work...thanks again.”

- Sam


“Just to let you know that all specimens arrived in excellent condition and they are BEAUTIFUL. I hope to be calling you soon for another order....Dear Paul, my order of butterflies was delivered last week and they are BEAUTIFUL as usual. I have become addicted. THANK YOU for your amazingly prompt delivery at this time of year. I will be contacting you in the first of the year for a few more. Thanks again.”

- John S


“Hi, the butterfly came, it is SO lovely! Thank you so much! I got curious what "arcturus" meant, and found it was "the brightest star in the constellation Bootes." I think it's the perfect name :^) Thank you again so much!!!!!”

- Carol


“The butterflies flew in today and they are beautiful!! I'm sure my daughter will enjoy them for many years to come as a commemoration of her college graduation. Thank you for keeping me updated so well on the status of things. Now I want some butterflies of my own!”

- Susan


“We received the artwork yesterday. It is very beautiful! My wife, who just delivered a baby on Monday, was extremely pleased to see it when she arrived back home yesterday. She just loves it. Thanks for a very nice experience. We wish you much success with your business.”

- Tim G


“Thank you so much for getting the order that I placed shipped in such a timely fashion. I think that this was the best get well present I have ever given. My friend worked for a museum and enjoys science/entomological drawing and can't wait to draw the 'Blue' Morpho didius. Thanks again.”

- Mike


“Thank you very much. I look forward to placing additional orders with you in the future. The butterflies I received are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you again.”

- Becky



- Tedd P


“Got it! Love it! Perfect! Thank you!”

- Jack C


“Hello! I've just received my first order from you -- and the butterflies are gorgeous and I'm very happy! I think I will order more for myself as as well as for Christmas presents because they are so beautiful and reasonably priced--and you are right here in Brooklyn! When I order in December I will be sending some to different addresses from mine and would not want the receipts enclosed since they will be gifts--is this possible? Looking forward to a very good future relationship with you. Thanking you again,”

- Lucy B


“I received my butterfly (Hypolimnas dexithea) table top display today (a few hours after our email exchange). It's gorgeous! Thanks for the great piece of art.”

- Whitney L


“My wife just loves the other ones i got for her from you. They remind her of her grandma so they are very special to her. Thank you.”

- Tony K


“Hi Paul, Sorry for being so late in responding to you. I received my butterfly display of a Monarch with a Julia a short while ago. They are BEAUTIFUL beyond words! ....I feel very grateful to you, Paul, that you are out there making these art works. Now I have a tangible reminder of the glory of those butterflies instead of just flat pictures. I am also very thrilled that you gave me the female Julia as that is the one which & danced for me at the Museum of Science...Thank you so much, Paul! I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day!”

- Robert M


“You do great work. I love MY butterflies!!”

- Victoria


“I got my butterflies last night. They are great and just as I expected. They are worth the wait. Thanks a lot.”

- Carlos M


“Paul, I received the butterfly and it arrived in great shape. I think you did a great job and I am very pleased. Thank you.”

- Sue L


“Received the cypris this week. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again.”

- Daniel T


“Thank you so very much, this butterfly is a wonderful addition to our home.”

- Jamar M


“I received my butterflies yesterday and Thank you. They look beautiful especially the color variations. I will order some others after the first of the year if not sooner. Thank you again,”

- Bob S


“I just wanted to write to say thank you! The butterfly arrived last week and looks great. My husband was so surprised. It was a pleasure doing business with you!”

- Stephanie P


“Hi Paul, Just wanted to tell you I received my order yesterday, and I am really happy with it. It is now hanging in the kitchen. where I have towels, coasters, and a small stain glass hanger of butterflies. I want to be able to see and enjoy it everyday. I have always liked butterflies; and on several sad occasions in my life, it seemed like God sent a butterfly to pass by me and brighten the moment. You are really artistic. I have passed your website onto some friends. Take care and thank you.”

- Becky H


“I've ordered from you in the past and been very happy with your products. Thanks and happy holidays!”

- Patience B


“Thank you so much for taking such care and concern with my order. That's why I keep ordering from you...you have top quality products. Thanks again,”

- Carmel T


“Thanks so much for the great custom order that arrived at my sister's home last week. I opened it to show my daughter and sister, and they were quite impressed, as I'm sure my wife will be when she receives it for her birthday later this month.”

- Mike


“Thanks for getting that order out for me. They look great and she really loves them.”

- Kurt L

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